Mission Statment

When my life would be over, I already would know the Highs and Lows would become memories of One Great Adventure, of deal won and deal lost, friends made and friends lost, and money made and money lost.

It will be memories of total strangers walking in my door, just to join me on my next adventure, and walking out of the door once the adventure is over.

Along the way, hopefully I would find that place, a Place with the Quality and the Beauty of Life I always knew in my heart existed, I knew that my Dreams would come True.

So what if I am beaten and have bruises all over, having being humiliated and told to eat the dusk. So what if I have been labeled and named failure in life, so what if I have been made a fool in the presence of others and people who laugh at state today.

But ‘I’ll not Quit I could Quit anytime so why today’. I would rather live to make my dream Come True one Morning. The process has begun. It make take a few days or months, I would win or I may loose sometime, But I’ll be faithful to the process and learn hard as I go forward.

I would rather say keep going, the Path is correct and I am on the Right Track. I need to Learn hard because I have to make something out of nothing as there is no one around to support my ideas now.

So what, they may stop me but how can they stop My Spirit. ‘Winner never Quit and quitters never win'. I want to have the best story to tell all at the end. I want to enjoy the Freedom, the Independence, the Wealth and the ability to contribute and help others people struggling financially and finally third inning rd

I know when I would lay on my last journey, people would struggle to keep me alive for yet another day so I could HELP them financially and in process make more money if that is the case I would say so be it, a start of good beginning a new adventure.


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